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Project Code04-00000033
ProgramPublic Private Partnership for the People
Project DescriptionThe proposed public transport terminal shall include provisions for the terminal of all the public utility vehicles and a commercial space for rentable stalls. The PUVS shall include jeepneys, tricycles, and vans with the following routes per transport group: PUJ: 1. Route: Bauan-San Pedro 2. Route: Bauan-San Diego 3. Route: Bauan-Locloc 4. Route: Alitagtag-Bauan/San Teodoro 5. MSVSD Joda 6. Durungao 7. Alagao Joda 8. MBAC Joda 9. Sinala Joda 10. Inicubulan Joda 11. Baguilawa-San Agustin Joda 12. BAJODA (Bauan-Alitagtag-San Teodoro) 13. Malindig TODA: 1. Route: PMBK 2. Route: Pasantoda (Aplaya) 3. Route: San Andres-Sto. Domingo 4. Route: Nursery 5. Route: BIGK (Bauan-Ilat Norte & Timog-Gilerang Kawayan) 6. Route: ASDB (Alalum) 7. Route: Sambat 8. Route: San Teodoro 9. Route: Tramo 10. Route: Bolo 11. Route: Sinala 12. Route: San Teodoro 13. Route: SIR (Inicbulan-Rizal) 14. Route: Alagao 15. Route: SPBCSO (San Pedro-Pitugo-Bagong Silang-Colvo-Sampaguita- Orense) 16. Route: VMCG - Casual 17. Route: BSMPC (Grand Terminal - P. Muñoz St.) 18. Route: SAGIP (Durungao) 19. Route: Plassatoda-San Andres VANS: 1. Route Bauan- SM 2. Route Bauan-Pala Pala, Cavite 3. Route Bauan-Nasugbu The proposed site for the Bauan Public Transport Terminal is the previous location of the Bauan East Central School at Poblacion III, Bauan, Batangas. It has an area of 20,000 sq. m., registered under the name of the Municipality of Bauan with Tax Declaration No 05-0004-01016. Although the site is currently occupied by the BECS, the LGU is already in the process of working on the possible relocation of the school. The LGU believes that the proposed site is the most feasibly conducive location considering that it is near the public market which is the center of activity in the municipality, thus blessing the site with easy access and public convenience.
Location of the ProjectBARANGAY III
Proposal TypeSolicited
Legal BasisBOT Law
Document ReferenceAIP
LGU Department InchargeLGU BAUAN - MPDC
Project Duration (years)10
Start DateAugust 1, 2030
LGU CounterpartLAND
Private Sector CounterpartCAPITAL

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