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Project Code09-00000046
ProgramPublic Private Partnership for the People
ProjectUpgrade of the City Abattoir
Project DescriptionThe City Government class "AA" Abattoir operates to achieve the primary goal of slaughtering meat animals like swine, cattle, carabao, goat, sheep, chicken, etc. and ensuring that the meat consumed by the public is wholesome by being compliant to the National Meat Inspection Services (NMIS) prescribed standard. The City Abattoir has the potentials of providing 50% of the meat requirement of the meat consuming public, the 50% to be provided by legitimate meat merchant. As a "AA" abattoir, meat produced in the slaughterhouse can be sold outside Zamboanga City and within the Philippines. With the future facilities and services to be offered to the public, notably the roasting pit facilities, meat delivery and meat chilling and the operation of a dressing plant for fowls, its classification can be elevated to the triple "A" category. We envision to materialize this level up by 2019. As an "AAA" abattoir our products can be sold internationally. We also aim to be an International Standard Operation (ISO) compliant plant by then. It generates an annual income of Php 7.735M (2016).
Location of the ProjectBarangay San Roque, Zamboanga City
ModalityJoint Venture
Proposal TypeUnsolicited
Legal BasisRA 7160, 1987 Constitution Art. X, Section 5, and City Ordinance No. 93-016
Document ReferenceCLUP
LGU Department InchargeOffice of the City Administrator
Contact PersonMarie Angelique C. Go
Project Duration (years)6
Start DateJanuary 1, 2019
LGU Counterpart7933540
Private Sector Counterpart0

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